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January 16, 2014 @ 9:04 pm

Episode 26 - For What It’s Worth

Comics Therapy. No Reviews. Just Analysis.

This week it's all #imageexpo and your Nerd Confessions (about your best and worst con experiences).

On The Couch: Eisner-nominated writer Brian Wood.

Show Notes:

This week, no reviews, no analysis, just conversation. And for what it's worth, we think it's a pretty great one. We had a candid discussion with writer Brian Wood about his writing process, work/life balance and thoughts on the comics industry as a whole, and we want you to hear it. But we also want you to hear (briefly) about our adventures together at Image Expo (spoiler alert: there were no fatalities). We promise we'll get back to our regular comics analysis routine next week. Maybe even with some Grief Counseling, eh?

(Editor's note: If you're jonesing for Andrea's Image Expo rundown over at Comicosity, look no further.)

The Couch: Brian Wood (introduction begins at 23:10)

Brian is known for his series DMZ and Northlanders, published by Vertigo Comics. He’s just finishing up runs on Conan the Barbarian and Star Wars, both published by Dark Horse Comics, which also publishes his book The Massive. He's currently writing the flagship X-Men title for Marvel Comics. 



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