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May 18, 2015 @ 7:24 pm

Episode 82 - Break Down These Walls


Comics Therapy. No Reviews. Just Analysis.

Two comics from May 6 and May 13, 2015. Plus a Second Opinion, featuring questions answered by a different listener each week, with Avi Chetlin.

Show Notes:
This week we’re talking about the realities we build for ourselves, and what happens when the walls come crashing down. Comics, video games, drugs, love. It’s all the same. Literally an opiate for the masses. Sometimes we work so hard to construct the world we want to believe is real, it’s all the more painful when the fantasy refuses to usurp real life permanently. And other times we’re so convinced by the illusion, that the reveal that it’s merely fantasy catches us entirely off guard.

Never Boy #3 20:00

Ms. Marvel #15 30:08

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