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June 8, 2015 @ 7:16 pm

Episode 83 - It’s My Life


Comics Therapy. No Reviews. Just Analysis.

Three (!!!) comics from June 3, 2015. 

Show Notes:

Guys, reality bites. It’s a common theme in media - it’s the driving force in so much storytelling, from musicals to movies to television to comics. And we talk about that a lot on the show. This week, we’re focusing in a little more closely on the the characters themselves, who, (to pull again from musical theater because Andrea writes these notes and so she make the rules) are characters waiting for life to begin. On the cusp of greatness, but not necessarily mean that in a positive way. Something’s coming. I don’t know what it is is but it is gonna be great. It’s gonna change lives. In one way or another.

Airboy #1 41:40

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